When you contact me, we talk about your need for advice, what wishes you have and about and how I can help you.

You can read more about how I can help you on the impartial financial advice page

The prices of financial advice that are impartial are very different. I have set my prices so I think everyone has an opportunity to get the advice and guidance needed.

First contact, via either mail or phone, where you describe what your inquiry is about and I assess how I can help you, is always free.

Price on economy check:

Price on economy check:

Many people want an overview of how their finances are composed.

In an economics check you will be reviewed all areas of your finances. It gives you a necessary overview so that you can optimize your finances if you wish. In addition, I give you advice and guidance on how to easily reach your financial goals.


Price of pension overview

Price of pension overview

Pension can be unmanageable for many. There are many rules about retirement, and it can be difficult to find out how you best save up on your finances. In addition, it may be difficult to see how you are asked, the day you need to use the pension funds.

It is therefore also the area that Economics advises most people around.


Other prices for economic sparring

In addition, there are two options for billing, no matter what you need advice and guidance for. It can be anything from for example sparring around or something completely third.

It is always you who decides which of the solutions you want.

  1. You can choose settlement on an hourly basis with hourly wage of DKK 950 + VAT
  2. Another option is to agree a fixed price, where the price we agree on is what you have to pay, no matter how many hours I spend on your case.

Contact me to arrange what you have for.

Transport in connection with meetings

Transport in connection with meetings

Transport costs are settled at DKK 3.63 / km (state prices)

For transport to meetings on Zealand, a fixed driving allowance of DKK 650 + VAT is paid instead of 3.53 DKK / km.

You only pay for advice – I receive no commission

You only pay for advice - I receive no commission

I only receive payment from my customers. There are no hidden commission agreements or other earnings on products.

Your payment to me is based on the time I spend on giving it the desired financial sparring.

The banks benefit from all advice to customers

The banks benefit from all advice to customers

An example of the opposite is unfortunately seen every day in the banks. They advise their clients to deposit and invest their money instead of settling down on debt. In this way, the bank earns that the customer continues to pay interest on his loans. And at the same time, they get customers to pay fees as well as costs associated with placing their money.

There must be some of a return for this to be a good business for the customer. This is definitely not always the way the customer gets the most out of his money. But the bank makes money on it. And the customer often does not know better.

This will not happen at Economics, I give my clients the necessary overview, so that you as a customer are able to act according to your situation.

Contact me to arrange what you have for.

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